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Training and sports performance

Riders can benefit from Marengo to correct its position in the saddle, to strengthen the muscle groups involved in the practice of riding and improve your fitness, all within a controlled environment and under the supervision of a specialist.

They are the own legs and the user seat who make the horse works, as in reality. The mechanical horse never tires and can be trotting or galloping throughout the workout.

The screen located in front of Marengo can project different types of activities, recorded in subjective camera mode to help the rider to recreate the feeling of walking through the countryside on horseback, run a dressage reprise or participate in a horse jumping competition. Using this technique, in addition to liven up your workout, you can practice transitions and different horse gaits when you follow what is being viewed on screen.

A mirror next to the horse allows the rider to correct its position. Other techniques, such as video can be used to analyze the training sessions.

Marengo is also the ideal companion for people who practice adaptive horseback riding.

  • Training sessions led by a specialist will help you improve your technique.
  • The practice with the simulator during training sessions will help you improve your fitness.