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Indoor riding lessons

The dictionary defines "learning" as the acquisition by the practice of a lasting behavior.

The acquisition of motor skills, essential in sport and in the development of the individual, is what is known as motor learning, such as in the case of riding, the mechanized movement of trot, canter or walk of the horse.  This motor learning is most effective when performed in a relaxed context and when based on previous positive experiences.

When the riding technique is mastered, horseback riding is a unique experience, among other reasons, by the contact you have with this beautiful animal. But during the learning process, it's easier that the horse unduly react to our stimuli and can create distrust or even fear in riders or novice riders. To mount properly it's necessary to know the different techniques to control the horse, and it's necessary to adapt to their movement. Marengo will help you in this process.

  • Learning sessions led by a specialist will teach you different riding techniques.
  • The practice with the simulator during the training sessions will allow you faster progress in the motor learning of the different types of movement to be performed by riding without fear of falling and without interfering in the animal welfare during the learning process..